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It is difficult enough choosing the best prescription for your skin let alone searching the endless aisles of skincare products in the shops for the support products. I mean the moisturisers, bath emollients, shower gels, shampoos and everything else those with psoriasis or other dry skin conditions need to buy. I have spent so much time in the past going from one shop to another, looking on line to find the products I need. Wouldn’t it be great if you could go to one place and find them all…….. Well now you can at HelloSkin.

HelloSkin is one of the many successful projects from the Leo Innovation Lab. It is a site where you can buy all your skin care products in one and have them delivered to your door in super quick time. It isn’t just for those with psoriasis, it covers all dry skin conditions and allows you to read user reviews too so you can see what others think before trying something new. They do not claim to have every single product, in fact some would get rejected as they have the products assessed by expert dermatologists. If you have a favourite product you can’t find on the site, just drop them a line and they will look into having it added as  long as it brings proven relief to those with dry skin. I mentioned a product to them a while ago and had a response within the same day saying they had already started discussions with the manufacturer. They are that quick to respond.

I have recently had a couple of products from HelloSkin, two of my firm favourites. Aveeno Oil and Diprobase Cream Emollient. You will constantly find these in my bathroom and this is why:

Diprobase Cream is the first emollient I was eve given when I was diagnosed with Psoriasis. It layers on pretty thick and isn’t the quickest to soak in but it remains part of my regular products for moisturising. I like to layer it on really think before a bath or shower as it stops my skin drying out too much. If I have a lazy weekend, I can again use this quite liberally and give my skin a good moisturise whilst laying around in old clothes I don’t mind getting stained. You can even use it instead of soap or shower gel. I also use it in my shaving routine, putting a thin layer on before putting on the shaving gel.

Diprobase comes in 500g pump bottles and seems to last for ages. I have had the latest for two weeks now and have been using it daily. I think also there is something holistic about using such a creamy emollient, it just feels like it’s doing you good when you put it on. If you find your skin had a burning sensation or is warm form a flare up then keep this in the fridge and it helps cool you down, especially before going to sleep. It is just a great all round moisturiser.


Aveeno Oil is something I use in the bath mostly. I put some in a lukewarm bath, watch the water turn milky and then lay back and relax. It prevents you drying out like you would in a normal bath and is something you can combine with other products. You can put on a moisturiser before getting in the bath or add some dead sea salts. My tip here too is to keep the lights low, put on some music and just relax. This definitely has some holistic qualities and I know there is much debate on the effectiveness of oatmeal (the essential ingredient of Aveeno).

For me, Aveeno oil definitely helps. When I am having a flare up I find putting some in the bath and then using a little more direct to the skin to wash with soothes my skin and is very effective in relieving the itch.

So I have to thank HelloSkin as having had a few products from them now I can only say it is one task that has been made a lot easier. The products always arrive carefully packed and are received within a day or two depending what time you order.

HelloSkin would also like to thank you, their customers and if you wish to purchase from them we have a special discount code for my readers. Please quote HELLOSIMON at the checkout and you will receive 10% off your order, no minimum spend. It is only valid for one order though. So get online and say hello to HelloSkin.

To purchase Aveeno oil click here.

To purchase Diprobase click here.








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Having Psoriasis I am always on the lookout for new products, whether that be prescribed treatments or emollients to help me through the day. Even though I have products I use which work well for me, this is an area that is constantly moving and improving with research and new technologies. You can never have too much choice.

I was asked to try AproDerm Colloidal Oat Cream, an emollient from Fontus Health. This was a product I had never come across until recently and I was instantly interested as it contained colloidal Oat, something which many psoriasis patients find helps ease their symptoms. The other reason I agreed to try it is that it is only sold as an aid to healthy skin, they make no claims it will cure you of Psoriasis.

The cream is SLS, Parabens, Halogen, Fragrance and colour free which is what I always look for as I find anything, especially with perfume, can irritate my skin when I am flaring up. I was not let down by my confidence and have had no problems with the cream when putting it on. In fact I had just had to stop using a different emollient due to becoming sore and itchy and AproDerm helped calm my skin from that reaction also.

With regard to applying to your skin, it is a cream rather than a lotion and feels quite thick which can be a bit off putting. However, when applying it actually spreads much more easily than many other creams and soaks in well. It doesn’t take too long to dry and I found there was no sticky or greasy feeling after. It was almost like using a light lotion whilst getting the added protection and lasting moisturising effect of a cream.

The trial took place during the height of summer and I am always wary of putting creams on during the heat due to them sweating back out or making me feel even hotter. AproDerm is one of the few creams I can honestly say actually helped. On those hot itchy nights I would even add more during the night to calm my skin down and kept it in the fridge to help. I never got any residue of cream either when sweating. Finding a cream that works in heat is pretty much a life saver, well a sleep saver at least.

As I said before, this is not a cure for psoriasis so it will not surprise you that my skin is not clear. What I did find is that my skin felt softer and remained feeling fairly moisturised overnight meaning it didn’t rub off on bedding. During the day it had the same affect, I could put it on in the morning and feel comfortable most of the day. I found it made me feel less itchy which is very important and also reduces redness. It is a very soothing, calming cream. This is an all round great cream to have in your cupboard to help you through each day as we continue to fight psoriasis. A good sidekick to us psoriasis super heroes.

You can find out more about AproDerm here.

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Swiss Dermatology company, Galderma, recently launched Calmurid® Pro, a skin care range for people with dry to extremely dry and uncomfortable skin conditions. I was asked if I would like to try the new range and over the last two weeks I have been trying three of the products. Here are my thoughts on this new range.

Calmurid Pro Body Hydrolotion (200ml; RRP £12.99) is developed for normal to dry skin and the easily-absorbed lotion contains 2% Urea to help increase water content in the skin.

The Hydrolotion is what I would consider a light body lotion. I found that the lotion spreads very easily and soaks in really quickly so when they say it is “easily absorbed” they are spot on. As it is a lotion, it is something I’ve found useful for putting on in the morning when I am getting ready for work. It soaks in and your skin feels dry fairly quickly, this means not having to add time to your morning routine. My skin is fairly clear at the moment so this is pretty much perfect for my current needs. It is for normal to dry skin so if your psoriasis is severe this would not be the product for you. At the end of the working day I found my skin was still feeling fairly good and had very little itching during the day.

Calmurid Pro Very Rich Ointment (100ml; RRP £13.99) is suited for targeted treatment of extremely dry skin, including infants. It contains 75% natural almond oil to moisturise and soothe dry and dehydrated skin and can be used daily.

The ointment was the product I was concerned about, The word ointment always makes me think of something sticky and greasy. Of course it is more oily than the lotion, it is for drier and more difficult areas of your skin. However, I would say it is more of a cream than an ointment (I am sure there is some scientific difference between a cream and an ointment). It contains almond oil which is often included in many treatments. I have used this mainly on my knees, ankles and elbows and it has definitely softened those areas. I put it on before using my current topical treatment, Dovonex. It is always a good idea to soften your skin before using a topical treatment. With a high oil content is does leave you feeling a little greasy although not in an irritating way. I do tend to only use this at night though.

Calmurid Pro Moisturising Hand Cream (50ml; RRP £7.99) is ideal for dry and damaged hands and contains a nourishing blend of emollients and vitamin B3 in a light formulation for rapid absorption.

This works very much like the Hydrolotion, it is a thicker cream and soaks in very easily. You certainly do not need a lot as I found out when I first used it. A small spot on each hand is all you should need. I found it was best to apply in the morning and then mid or late afternoon as a top up. I am having a little trouble with my hands lately so drier than normal and this has definitely helped. It doesn’t leave your hands feeling too greasy, very handy for applying just before driving to work so my hands don’t slip on the steering wheel.

All in all this range is definitely worth trying out. It is there to help with dry skin and does not claim to be a cure for psoriasis. As with all your psoriasis treatments you still need to keep your skin moisturised. The range is available at Lloyd’s Pharmacy and you can buy it online, click here to go to the website. At the moment they have reduced the price from the RRPs quoted above.

Click here if you would like to know more about Galderma.

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I was asked recently to try some products from a skincare range  new to the UK. Grahams Skincare is an Australian company and is the result of a Father’s desire to help his son who has chronic Eczema. Now I know there is a difference between psoriasis and eczema but some of the symptoms are very similar, especially the dry skin and I am constantly looking for new products to help this. Grahams Skincare range is made from natural ingredients which I know will be an instant plus for those of you who do not like using the more chemical based products out there.

I tried a few of the products from the range and, for me, the outstanding product was the body wash. Showering is something that I need to do every day as I often wake feeling sticky and greasy from the layers of creams I applied the night before. It is very difficult to find a body wash that cleans and doesn’t leave you feeling dry or one that leaves you moisturised and yet leave you feeling unwashed. I found that the Body Wash from Grahams Skincare felt very mild on my skin and didn’t leave my skin feeling tight after showering. Most importantly, my skin felt clean.

The body wash contains Manuka Honey, something I have been reading about the benefits of for some time now. It also contains coconut and I found this to be a much more pleasant fragrance than the perfumes in many of the moisturising shower creams out there. In fact it actually helped wake me up and added to that fresh feeling.

Now you’re going to be asking about the price. Okay it’s not the cheapest product on the market. For a 250ml bottle it ranges from £14 to £16.50 if you shop around. On the plus side, the body wash goes a long way and I didn’t go through this as quickly as I thought I would.

You can find our more about the company and their range here. For stockists please enquire with  Vital Life International on 020 7720 1441 or visit Amazon.



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